About us



CFX was created in 2001, being a small family business with the aim of offering advisory services in fiscal and financial matters. Currently the team consists of 8 people. In general, the business can be divided into two branches:

SMEs and Autonomous

Many people who wish to undertake a business activity, either as a company or as a self-employed person, are unaware of the procedures to be carried out. From CFX we offer an accompaniment to those so their start can be as simple as possible. All the procedures for registration with the Tax Agency and Social Security are carried out, as well as all the business start-up procedures. In addition, accounting and tax settlement tasks are performed. Within this same branch, we find the Labor counseling department, where all the procedures related to hiring a workforce are carried out. But the tasks are not limited to processing exclusively, customers can also request a deeper analysis of the accounting to discuss with them the progression of their company and thus be able to advise them in the best way possible.


We are in an area with a large number of residents, both from Europe and the rest of the world. At CFX we take care of advising you when obtaining your NIE or Residence, property acquisition and with any procedures with the administration, as well as advising you in tax matters (taxes as Residents or Non-Residents, wills, changing the name of vehicles, property rental, legal and financial advice among many other services).