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Acquiring a property in a foreign country can sometimes be complex. With the aim of ease these procedures, we offer our property solicitor services.

Details will vary depending on the sale but your Spanish property solicitor will deal with all the legal and tax implications involving in your Spanish property purchase, including the following:

  • Check the background of the property through local authority and title searches (not least to ensure that the person selling the property has the legal right to do so!).
  • Use Power of Attorney – this means your solicitor can represent you without you being present (this can save you a lot of unnecessary journeys to Spain).
  • Liaise with your bank – this is a vital part of the conveyancing process – specially ensuring that payments are made as and when needed.
  • Help obtain your Identification Fiscal Number (NIE) – essential for all foreigners (including those from EU countries) wanting to live in Spain, purchase property, work, start a business, pay taxes etc.
  • Research any charges levied on the property.
  • Ensure building licenses and permissions are in order (if applicable).
  • Examine all documents relating to the sale.
  • Check that the property is free of liens and encumbrances.
  • Transfer the title into your name.
  • File and pay all appropriate taxes.
  • Register property in your name with the local land registry once the deeds are released from the Notary.
  • Ensure all Notary charges are paid and required documentation is filed.
  • Transfer utilities to your name.

In short, during the process of your property purchase, your solicitor will liaise with you, the seller (or builder), the Notary, your bank, your seller’s bank, your seller’s solicitor, and possibly your mortgage broker. Plus local authorities, utility providers, the tax office…

Our Spanish conveyancing services will take you through every step of the buying process, with no hidden costs and no nasty surprises. Our solicitors are all English-speaking, with a wealth of local knowledge, and extensive experience in providing accurate, impartial Spanish legal advice.

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